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First and foremost: Pottery is a messy art.


You will want to wear comfortable clothes that can get wet and stained without worry – both will happen! Close-toed shoes are best, and folks with long hair will probably want to tie it back out of the way.

Bring a towel to class…and not one of your good ones. We have shop towels for student use, but most potters will simply dedicate an old towel and keep it with their other gear.

Same with aprons. If you have one, bring it. We have some studio aprons for student use, but having an apron in your class gear is always a good idea.

Notebook:  As your skills progress, you’re going to want to keep notes on your projects.  Consider starting a pottery notebook to bring with you to class.

Jewelry, especially worn on the hand and wrist can be problematic in ceramics. Besides the stray marks and dents jewelry will leave on your work, some metals can actually be chemically reactive with the clay, so consider pocketing your rings and bracelets while in class.

Long fingernails will also present a problem in pottery classes. Please consider trimming nails before class -- we do keep nail clippers in the studio for folks who run into trouble and want to trim on the fly.


​Once you arrive at the Corset Building, please park in the paved parking lot rather than the gravel lot. The gravel lot is for loading/unloading and is used by shipping trucks which we don't want anywhere near your car! There is a reserved handicap spot right outside our door, should you need it.

Pottery Works will provide everything else you’ll need to start your clay journey, but be ready to feel challenged!  The learning curve is steep in the beginning, so bring your perseverance and the knowledge that with practice, you can be making beautiful art after just a few sessions.

See you in the studio!

Pottery Works Team

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